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3931 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.


Georgia 30044





GUN LOBBY is a full service gun shop located in Duluth, GA. GUN LOBBY was formed to cater to firearm enthusiasts and admirers of all types and categories of firearms. We are avid buyers, sellers, and traders of older collectible as well as modern and out of production firearms.

We are also proud to have Gunsmith Rusty Kidd as part of the team. Rusty is a very experienced professional Gunsmith who can repair and maintain all of your firearms. He is also a master machinist which comes in handy for doing custom work, threading barells, and other precision work that he is famous for. 

In addition, we provide trhe lowest cost for firearm transfers around. Only $25.00 for any type of firearm (handgun or rifles), and if you are a high volume buyer, you'll appreciate that every fifth transfer is free! This effectively works out to only $20.00 per transfer for 5 transfers! 

Feel free to stop by the shop sometime to have a peak at what we have to offer.You'll be glad you did, and so will we!